You Can Help

Your City Council Members are dedicated to one thing: making our city, San Luis Obispo, CA, the best place to live it can possibly be. If you love where you live like I do, then we can find a way that you can get involved.

For the 2012 election I’m setting very specific goals for my campaign:

  1. Get out the vote;
  2. Celebrate the progress we’ve made as a community;
  3. Work with my constituents and colleagues to detail plans for the future;
  4. Earn your vote to re-elect me to the SLO City Council.

Within those goals, there are many ways you can help, and it all starts with community:

  • Small Steps: like talking with the neighbors on your street;
  • Medium Strides: hosting a gathering where you invite your entire neighborhood and Councilman Ashbaugh can meet and speak with them;
  • City-Wide Sprint: Invite co-workers, friends, business acquaintances, etc. to a hosted event in SLO;
  • Beyond word of mouth you can also help in many ways: post on facebook or twitter, forward emails, put up a yard sign, or use a “Re-Elect John Ashbaugh” re-usable bag when at the grocery store. Every action can make a difference.

The size of a gathering, or the number of people you speak with about the election doesn’t matter – what matters is that you do it, and that your individual steps to action and encourage other people to get involved helps our community get stronger.