Why SLO?

I've been in love with San Luis Obispo for over thirty-five years, when my wife and I first married and chose to live here. It's easy to love this city, and the longer you live here, the more you realize how blessed we are. SLO has it all: Great climate, friendly people, clean air, open space, abundant cultural attractions, and a strong "sense of place."

There is another, equally important reason I love San Luis Obispo: We are a community that faces our challenges head-on. We work together to solve our problems with mutual respect, energetic leadership, and spirited participation. We place a high value on collaboration and civility, and we are committed to transparency at all levels of government. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Why Volunteer?

The question is not only WHY should we volunteer, but also WHAT can we do as volunteers. Volunteering to help a City Council election is important for our community. Local elections have immediate impact.

There are countless ways that you can get involved: post links on facebook or twitter, forward an email to your list of friends, host a gathering at your house or business, request a famous John Ashbaugh re-usable shopping bag, put up a yard sign, and most importantly: help to get out the vote, and get others excited about the election. If you volunteer, then you are making a difference for SLO by encouraging others to be active in our community.

Latest Updates:

County Clerk Posts Final Vote Totals for November 6 Election

The County Clerk/Recorder’s Office has just posted the final election results for the City of San Luis Obispo, and they reveal an interesting pattern. The primary result, of course, is that both I and my colleague, Dan Carpenter, were elected to the two seats on … Read More

Councilman Ashbaugh Thanks Voters, Supporters, Volunteers

What a great feeling last night to experience the thrill of victory,  surrounded by friends and supporters, watching the national and statewide returns and sharing in one of the greatest turning points in American history!

I was so proud to be on the same ballot … Read More